Get our latest article On a Collision Course - FDA Clinical Investigator Disclosure and Open Payments.

FDA's requirements for clinical investigator disclosure and the Open Payments requirements are at odds in many ways. Published in the September 2016 Life Science Compliance Update, this article explores those differences and what might be done to remedy the situation.

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21 August - 20 November 2017  (Online) - Dr. Whitelaw will be co-teaching Health Care Compliance Skills offered by Mitchell Hamline's Health Law Institute.  This 3 credit course is offered as part of the Health Care Compliance Certification program.

6-8 November 2017 (Washington, D.C.) -   WCG will be attending PCF's Eighteenth Annual Pharmaceutical Regulatory and Compliance Congress and Best Practices Forum.  Dr. Whitelaw will be on a panel discussing the Compliance and Ethics Considerations in R&D.

30 November - 1  December (Philadelphia, PA) - WCG will be attending CBI's conference on Due Diligence for Life Sciences M&A, Partnerships and Divestitures at which Dr. Whitelaw will participate on a panel discussing the topic of Navigating Third Party Agreement Pitfalls.

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