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On Monday, April 13, 2020, I will be joining an elite group of fellow panelists to discuss the opportunities and challenges of managing a pharmaceutical or medical device compliance function remotely during the pandemic. While the global pandemic has forced most employees to work remotely, it in many ways is a continuation and expansion of the trend that started with 9/11 and bubbled up again during the Great Recession of 2008. Also, for Ethics & Compliance (E&C) professionals with global remits, the need to effectively work in an environment that limits direct human contact has been a continuous source of challenge. However, even for those E&C professionals accustomed to remote ways of working, the pandemic has taxed their flexibility and resilience.

Our functions can step up and lead during this time, and help bridge communication gaps between business functions.  We also can serve as leaders, conveying guidance beyond their function on how to balance family life and work activities to ensure organizations are able to continue working efficiently and effectively.

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