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oak-leaf-acorn-whitelaw-compliance-group-2Many clients have asked me about the acorn and oak that are part of the Whitelaw Compliance Group logo, so I thought I’d post the story for everyone.  When I was forming the firm, my wife asked me to describe what we did and the types of clients we wanted to serve.  After patiently listening to one of my long-winded explanations, she, as usual, cut right to the heart of the matter. Knowing that I wanted to work with smaller clients that had innovative products and were on their way to being the next generation of industry leaders, she, being a passionate and skilled gardener, immediately responded, “Oh so from humble acorns, mighty oaks are born.”  With that, the acorn and the oak became the logo of the Whitelaw Compliance Group.  So if you are looking for a partner to grow with you and your company, drop me a line or give us a call to discuss how we might help you with your compliance challenges.