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Pricing – The Next Alamo

It started with Turing, continued with Valeant. moved on to Gilead and now has engulfed Mylan.  What is it?  It is pharmaceutical pricing.  The questions are simple. How can pharmaceutical companies...

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Transparency’s Uncertain Future

I just returned from speaking at CBI's 10th Annual Forum on Transparency and Aggregate Spend.  After 10 years and 3 CMS Open Payments reporting cycles, I'm struck by how uncertain the once bright...

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CVS, Opioids & Lack of Compliance

The Year of the Pharmacy continues as CVS again makes negative headlines involving opioids.  This time, a pharmacist in Georgia is accused of stealing more than 3,000 pills from them including...

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Med-Tech Compliance Comes of Age

It is no secret that compliance programs in many med-tech companies lag behind current compliance best practices.  There are many possible reasons for this: Life Science compliance is dominated by...

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The Acorn and the Oak

Many clients have asked me about the acorn and oak that are part of the Whitelaw Compliance Group logo, so I thought I'd post the story for everyone.  When I was forming the firm, my wife asked me...

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