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Quality Not Job 1 in India

In a stark and direct contrast to China's efforts to improve product quality that we reported on earlier, the Times of India  yesterday reported on a new study conducted by  The Associated Chambers...

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Quality As Job 1?

Many of us remember the famous advertising slogan from Ford that "Quality is Job 1."  Now it seems that China is making it a priority for pharmaceutical manufacturing.  FiercePharmaAsia recently...

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Pharma in 5 – Can Compliance Keep Up?

Recently, the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics released its projections on the global use of prescription drugs through 2020. Here are some of the highlights: Overall Growth -  The overall...

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Enforcing Sunshine

As noted in a recent article from Policy and Medicine, we have now received our first definitive indication that the OIG and CMS are moving to enforce the Sunshine Act reporting requirements....

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Judicial flip-flop over whistleblowers

It seems that even the courts cannot come to a consensus over how to treat whistleblowers; even when it is written in a statute.  Apparently the 2nd and 5th Circuit Courts of Appeals have different...

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