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A Different Ethics & Compliance Model

Our forte is helping our clients solve their current challenges where there are no simple answers, just difficult choices.

Ethics and compliance Programs are no longer “optional” but essential to any company’s success.  It’s the law.  The failure to have one so can be disastrous.

The challenge is to create a program that is effective but ”fits” with each company’s unique needs.  This is where the Whitelaw Compliance Group can help.  It’s about creating an effective ethics and compliance program without distracting from the overall objective of providing life-saving products to patients.

We provide a broad range of compliance solutions.  Perhaps the best way of understanding what WCG provides is to think of a medical technology or pharmaceutical company as a house. We help build and maintain a solid ground floor that is up to code (ethics & compliance).  As a result, it is a floor that won’t collapse into the dark, dirty, unlit basement where the bogeyman lives (fines, penalties, legal actions, etc.).

For owners wanting to venture above the first floor, we coach them on properly framing the second story for growth. It is about a long-term relationship.  It’s about working together, finding the right balance between operating at “zero risks” and staying competitive.

Dr. Seth Whitelaw

President & CEO

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WCG’s advantage

stems from flexibility and efficiency.  Regardless of how robust the planning process is, no project approach can anticipate every eventuality.  The key is being flexible enough to modify the approach gracefully and still achieve the objectives.  With our unique blend of experiences (internal company/external consultant, drug/device, domestic/international), WCG can make the necessary adjustments and still meet our client’s needs.

It also makes us more efficient.  More efficient in delivering the project plan, and in developing the compliance controls that effectively address our client’s Corporate Governance challenges. There simply is no substitute for hands-on experience.

The Acorn & The Oak

Many clients have asked me about the acorn and oak that are part of the Whitelaw Compliance Group logo.  When I was forming the firm, my wife, a passionate and skilled gardener, asked me to describe what we did and the types of clients we wanted to serve.  After listening to me describe my vision, she immediately responded, “Oh so from humble acorns, mighty oaks are born.” With that, the acorn and the oak became the logo of the Whitelaw Compliance Group.

So if you are looking for a partner to grow with you and your company, drop me a line or give us a call to discuss how we might help you with your compliance challenges.

– Dr. Seth B. Whitelaw, President & CEO

For more specific information about the compliance solutions we can provide for your type of company, please check out these pages.